Company Profile

E*HealthLine (EHL) is a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to research and development for the improvement and delivery of innovative healthcare solutions. Drawing from EHL’s team of seasoned subject matter experts from across the United States and international arena, EHL provides an integrated Connected Health Platform of 21st century healthcare applications and technology. EHL serves as an innovative model for a global outreach, attracting leaders in partnership from various countries, while offering bilingual formats. E*HealthLine’s innovative ecosystem is an array of comprehensive and seamless technology, providing the global marketplace with a network of trustworthy Integrated HealthCare Information Management Systems, created in multiple languages.

The effective use of Digital Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within healthcare communities presents an opportunity to move critical medical information, (without boundaries) where and when it is needed, in a secure and private environment. Healthcare organizations around the world are collaborating for the standardization of management solutions, providing the healthcare industry with the necessary infrastructure to work together (rather then competing) and to reduce the overall cost of medical services, while improving the quality of care. This profound shift represents both structural and cultural affairs, with an evolution of new alliances and collaborative partnerships occuring globally. EHL’s collaborative capabilities provide advanced technology, products, and services that demonstrate measurable gains in healthcare quality, efficiency, and outcomes. EHL’s precise standards play a crucial role in promoting innovation across the wide spectrum of healthcare activities. The government and private sector in both domestic and international communities are working together to address the various challenges involved as they continue to seek opportunities to accelerate the improvement of competencies and transition the development of technological skills by means of collaboration. EHL’s collaborative partnerships formulate an emphasis on decreasing overall costs through the implementation of shared services, which are facilitated by means of innovative iCloud / data center capabilities, where important strategies in meeting efficiency objectives and providing value-added benefits are achieved. This connected health platform serves as an important forum in the sharing of best practices among healthcare organizations by offering, community-based models that provide highly qualified and trained professionals.

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