Employee Culture

A Workplace Foundation - Based On Trust and Values

E*HealthLine’s corporate foundation is based on a solid network of trust and values. The company has been recognized for its humanitarian foundation, which encourages and supports meaningful use of creativity and innovation.

E*HealthLine’s innovative culture is represented in every customer engagement and contributes to the company’s continuous revenue growth.

E*HealthLine’s workplace culture is a model we encourage our global partners to replicate, as a source of great pride for all those who participate. The company is committed to corporate social responsibilities, as evidenced by its employee’s continuing education efforts year after year, while facilitating the continuous expansion of our product lines and solutions. A loyal and dedicated workforce provides a solid infrastructure for E*HealthLine’s consistent outreach to the global healthcare industry.





Knowledge, technical innovation and “Teamwork”  are at the center of E*HealthLine’s foundation.

E*HeathLine’s meaningful healthcare initiatives and solutions evolve from its professional service divisions of “subject matter experts” and through the collaboration within a  global network of colleagues and a user base of world-wide  clientele.


E*HealthLine takes great pride in our partnerships and joint-ventures featuring  a team of outstanding  professionals, whose mission is to encourage the adoption of health IT initiatives and combine the dissimilation of the  latest developments in displaying “Excellence” in the delivery of innovative healthcare  technology.

E*HealthLine is a “Leader” in providing an integrated network of healthcare system applications, dedicated to serving its clientele with the delivery of  high-quality healthcare management, by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving the quality of care and patient safety.