E*HealthLine’s journey in healthcare is guided by our sincere commitment and inspiration to collaborate in making   the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our ongoing goal is to work towards the continuation of providing the necessary resources for the improvement of the quality of care and serves as a main driver to realize the company vision.

Our Mission 
E*HealthLine’s mission is to provide and deploy a comprehensive integrated healthcare platform that seamlessly facilitates the capture and transformation of vital connected health data, innovative technology, and healthcare analytics, while utilizing relevant government mandates of policies and procedures that are shared confidentiality within a secure environment among E*HealthLine’s clientele and partnerships, globally.   Our goal is to continually deliver new technology and related training/education programs that meet the ongoing demands and complex challenges of today’s healthcare initiatives.  E*HealthLine’s focus is on these key initiatives as we continue to formulate meaningful Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) throughout the global healthcare industry.

Our Social Approach

Discover our innovative solutions to address global societal and healthcare challenges.

Our Environmental Approach

E*HealthLine is committed to investments in environmentally responsible practices and technologies delivering returns for E*HealthLine within three significant features:``

  •   Reducing costs through intelligently managed resource consumption.
  •   Growing new markets through inventive, eco-friendly business practices.
  •   A commitment to meeting and/or exceeding the expectations of our clientele,  within both government agencies and  private sector

Education Philanthropy

E*HealthLine Institute Of Information Technology
  “A Center of Excellence”

E*HealthLine’s Center of Excellence provides a solid platform and an integrated network designed for onsite and distant learning connectivity.   The Center facilitates lifelong learning tools by providing our clientele with unique opportunities to address the evolving requirements with innovative solutions, backed by quality reporting metrics that enables “data-driven decisions at the point of care”.

Life-Long Learning

As we face the many challenges within the healthcare industry of today, there is an increasing and evolving requirement for a highly trained workforce of health information technology professionals, both domestically and internationally.  E*HealthLine’s focus is to train and educate our clientele with innovative and novel solutions addressing the   emerging and ever-changing policies and procedures of the healthcare industry.  We take great pride in our combined mission to strive for continued measurable achievements by establishing qualitative and quantitative metrics for the deployment of training initiatives.

As a high-tech company, E*HealthLine’s corporate infrastructure depends on a solid network of educated employees within its workforce, securing long-term success for all those involved. 

E*HealthLine’s executive and management are committed to the vital role of implementing continuing education programs for its staff and global clientele. In collaboration with various education institutions, the company offers ongoing co-operative education and training programs, featuring certificate and college credit core curriculum. The co-operative program is the primary vehicle through which we transition clinicians into state- of- the- art technology for utilization within their day-to-day work environment. 

The Co-op program is an excellent method for an individual to have hands-on experience, while positioning their energy, enthusiasm, and skills within an Information Technology (IT) and work related environment of electronic medical records.   The trainees are exposed to a vast array of roles and responsibilities, which prepares them for diverse tasks and sets the precedent required in facing the ever-challenging requirements within the healthcare industry of today.

Awards And Recognition

We use the benchmark information and research of external indexes to help us strengthen our management systems and sustainability reporting. We are proud of the recognition we have earned for our performance over the years.