Discover© Intelligent Analytics

Discover©, a Life Sciences analytics, can be utilized for capitalizing on big data to foster global collaboration based on accurate clinical research information. Discover© provides immediate clinical trial insight that accelerates an awareness of promising programs or flags thosethat are inefficient, and streamlines processes that get products to the market faster.

Discover© upholds the standards for clinical trials data analysis and reporting, and electronic submissions to regulatory authorities.

With globalization, the pharmaceutical industry is expanding rapidly. Healthcare stakeholders require a clearer understanding of market dynamics and business opportunities. Competition is growing; analytics is changing the nature of how businesses and governments perform.

E*HealthLine’s leading pharmaceutical intelligence capabilities enables our global clientele to immediately adapt to new market trends policies and healthcare reforms. The company’s comprehensive network of domestic and international relationships offer powerful resources to solutions designed to assist clientele in varied influences regarding drug treatment and dispensing behavior. This includes detailed and integrated views of provider, payer and patient dynamics. 

The company provides a range of decision support tools and client services to analyze product performance and market trends, transforming information into actionable strategies.

E*HealthLine offers comprehensive and accurate reference data sets that links prescribers and their affiliations with group practices, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations, serving as the foundation for pharmaceutical organizations to identify, quantify and customize operational commercial opportunities.

Organizations can seamlessly manage customer information from disparate sources to derive strategic insight that can improve decision-making and maximize business opportunities.

E*HealthLine’s leading edge position within the healthcare industry stems from monitoring highly relevant and consistent metrics in market change.  The company continuously analyzes change in trends with an outreach and focus on global distribution channels and emerging markets.

Global and or multinational pharmaceutical leaders require powerful analytical and business intelligence tools to obtain vital information relating to ongoing opportunities in today’s complex and dynamic marketplace.  Consistent and reliable views of the marketplace and competition enable performance tracking at the regional, national, or international level.

E*HealthLine’s advanced analytics and business intelligence ecosystem technology captures the most relevant information with a focus on:  

  • Market Performance:  Evaluate performance in terms of size and growth, relative to competitors.
  • Brand Performance:   Identify measurable components  driving a brand’s performance
  • Competitor Performance:  Identify valuable elements in defining key factors relating to the growth or decline of competition in the marketplace.
  • Sales Force: Evaluates performance within geographical locations and the impact of expenditures on advertising and marketing campaigns, documenting a “return on investment”.

E*HealthLine’s pharmaceutical analytic tools track pharmaceutical companies and provide a timely and cost-effective view of estimated product volumes, trends and market share.

E*HealthLine tracks information and data at every level, measuring the impact of key industry events to include product launches, sales and prescription patterns and line extensions benefit from monthly and quarterly, broad-view update.

E*HealthLine assists their clientele in making optimal selections through commercial evaluations and active sourcing strategies:

  • Determining the size of the marketplace
  • Identifying the key formulations driving product portfolio growth
  • Assessing  price evolution
  • Knowledge of competitive landscape
  • Defining product portfolios and management
  • Maximizing sales force effectiveness within each geographical territory

E*HealthLine’s data analytics are powered by sophisticate Cloud/Internet based tools that enables brand and competitive measurement and portfolio planning.

In today’s marketplace, there is an increasing focus on healthcare values, consisting of new decision makers, new decision criteria and new decision points. Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) are now regional power players and have emerged as powerful catalysts for change, while payers, government, group practice organizations and corporate parents are also playing a major role in treatment protocols and the delivery of healthcare. In this environment, it is critical for pharmaceutical companies to understand all the stakeholders and the forces that influence their behavior and decisions.   Collecting and managing customer information, as well as bridging individual user groups within healthcare organizations, requires innovative tools and technology.

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