Insight© Artificial Intelligence

Transforming Knowledge Within Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Organizations

E*HealthLine’s extensive expertise in the development of technology that is assisting in revolutionizing how pharmaceutical and health care organization access and utilize information by interacting with intelligent Agents and machines. This transformation of documented information provides the power of “Artificial Intelligence”.

E*HealthLine’s Artificial Intelligence, involves collecting data, storing it, normalizing it, tracing its lineage and the critical machine learning also incorporates other data analysis disciplines, ranging from predictive analytics and data mining to pattern recognition.

Insight© involves valuable precision in the design and construction of Digital Connected Health applications that are able to learn based on their data inputs and/or outputs, while identifying patterns in immense data sets of complex information and medical records that links to various disease conditions.

E*HealthLine's technologies from AI to Big Data to cognitive computing to machine learning and beyond is to enable healthcare to make more accurate, insightful and effective use of information.

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