Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) supports, grows and ensures the success of healthcare related businesses with full insight into performance, analytical processing and forecasting with predict results.

  • Quality Performance and Safety Analysis Quality Performance and Safety Analysis facilitates compliance, security, privacy and safety information for healthcare procedures, tests and pharmaceutical administration, before and after the patient procedure, test or drug administration. BI also ensures that the organization has full insight into continuous improvement, patient and staff satisfaction, quality metrics, patient access and privacy, records management, utilization and optimization, and best practices to improve the services and quality of processes, skills and delivery.
  • Marketing Analysis – Marketing Analysis evaluates profitability in specific patient segments and measures marketing results to improve performance. Users can compare the most cost-effective marketing techniques and monitor campaign costs and calculate return on investment (ROI).
  • Financial and Operational Performance Management  Financial and Operational Performance Management and Analysis enables an organization to establish and track progress utilizing information captured from numerous enterprise systems and sources. Users can monitor the financial health of the organization and create and share reports to comply with government and industry regulations.
  • Financial Analysis – Financial Analysis enables the user with underwriting requirements, and ensures accountability to regulators and stakeholders.
  • Profitability Management – Profitability Management and Analysis assist users in the evaluation of risk trends and forecast profitability.

E*HealthLine’s analytic and Business intelligence ecosystems offer a complete view of healthcare providers with comprehensive and accurate referenced data sets, linking prescribers  to group practices, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations. E*HealthLine’s Analytic and Business intelligence ecosystems is the foundation for sales and marketing effectiveness.

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