Clearinghouse© Intelligent Solutions
E*HealthLine’s (EHL) Clearinghouse offers revolutionary advancement within the healthcare and insurance industries. EHL’s technology is the leading provider of Paper Claim Conversions. (Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Conversion Services.) Clientele includes; Health Plans, Independent Physicians Associations (IPA) Third Party Administrators (TPA), Management Service Organizations (MSOs), and Managed Care companies throughout the United States.
Managing the claim lifecycle is more challenging than ever. It is essential to utilize “real-time transactions” of the member’s data to enable the accuracy of each claim.
    •    Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse.
    •    Managing Paper and Electronic Claims and Payment Processes.
    •    Reduce Costs While Improving Access.

E*HealthLine’s end-to-end Clearinghouse capabilities provide intelligent based solutions. Capturing integrated data from across an enterprise and delivering a complete portfolio of business intelligence, enables the leveraging of member eligibility data and bottom line cost savings, while providing pre-payment identification of fraud, waste and abuse and the facilitation of metrics to identify and eliminate overpayments. Combined with the most efficient paper and electronic claims processing system and care management tools, claim history data is captured within a comprehensive suite of solutions, enabling payers to address the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry of today.

E*HealthLine is a proven provider of claims payment integrity solutions that increase efficiencies and lead to improved medical outcomes through business analytics services. The system helps payers streamline processes and reduce administrative costs. EHL is constantly working toward providing innovative tools in the management of healthcare cost.

E*HealthLine offers solutions that deliver proven return on investment (ROI) and results in real cost savings, all while helping enhance service differentiation to members and providers. EHL offers targeted categories of service, all designed to simplify the claim’s lifecycle management.

  1. Improvement in the Quality of Care
  2. Enhanced Providers Satisfaction
  3. Overall Members Satisfaction
  4. Process Flow Improvement/Management
  5. Ongoing Cost Reduction

E*HealthLine Clearinghouse© includes the following:

  1. Electronic Claims
  2. Effortless Patient Statements
  3. Claim Status
  4. Rejection Analysis
  5. Easy Payment Processing
  6. Secondary Claims Processing
  7. Paperless Paper Claims
  8. Online Patient Eligibility
  9. Credit Card Processing
  10. Electronic Remittance Advice
  11. Batch Eligibility
  12. Reimbursement Manager