Claims Submission

E*HealthLine® provides a single source for submitting primary or secondary claims, electronically or on paper. The company offers comprehensive institutional claims processing and enhanced claim edits.

Electronic Primary and Secondary Claims
All electronic transactions are conducted in real-time enabling the ability to immediately correct and resubmit claims data with the click of a mouse. In addition, every claim is scrubbed and processed.  E*HealthLine’s web-based and interactive platform enables its community of users to benefit from a full cycle of connectivity. 


  • Claims Scrubbing and Editing
  • Submission and Tracking
  • Rejected Claims Management


  • Increased Volume of Claims Processed with enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Profitability
  • Lower Administrative Costs
  • Reduce A/R days
  • Complete Tracking of Claims
  • Identify and Eliminate  Procedural Billing Errors
  • Timely Claims Payments

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