Our Leadership Team


E*HealthLine's business mission is to provide and deploy a comprehensive integrated healthcare infrastructure platform that facilitates and transforms the Company’s innovative and leading-edge technology for the improvement and delivery of healthcare information management, while enriching the quality of patient care, globally. The company’s enduring goal is to provide critical and manageable solutions for healthcare professionals worldwide:

  • ensure immediate access to secure, accurate and comprehensive patient data
  • ensure high priority in the key focus for the physicians and their patient’s in obtaining direct access to premium medical care and diagnoses
  • provide an ecosystem platform that is assessable for continued patient education
  • provide innovative tools and resources that reduce cost and enhance vital services throughout the healthcare industry.


E*HealthLine’s customers are located around the World, and the Company serves multinational clientele. Our employees are committed to our customer base, while creating the highest level of added value, unencumbered by geographic boundaries. Our system applications were developed and deployed with a commitment to excellence, and the delivery of unsurpassed performance.

The Company’s Global Professional Services and Products are offered in multiple languages, via the Internet or Intranet, enabling the implementation of its solutions both domestically and internationally. Our customers include Health Plans, Managed Care Organizations, Hospitals, Provider Organizations, Third-Party Administrators, Provider Groups and Physician Practice Management companies.

E*HealthLine’s comprehensive communications platform enables the secured exchange of medical information containing proprietary information “on-demand”, between healthcare providers and healthcare users.

Disseminated through the World Wide Web (Internet), E*HealthLine provides immediate access to the global healthcare marketplace. With the rapid growth of Managed Care, maintaining the line on costs has become critical to survival for both providers and payors. Just as critical is the need to provide access to appropriate care at the right time and place for target populations. The delivery systems evolve around these key issues, to include where medicine, technology and expertise meet to simultaneously reduce risk and offer appropriate levels of quality care, in a single, efficient, cost effective solution.

Given the rapid expansion and outreach of technology, and with a marketplace demonstrating volatility, organizations of today, require and demand the facilitation of a solid infrastructure to integrate a communications network, which provides a link to vital healthcare information “real time”. E*HealthLine’s products and services are committed to the regulations and compliance set forth in organizations such as Project Management Institute Standards (PMI), ISO 9000 , HIPAA, NCQA and others.


E*HealthLine’s team of “subject matter experts” have received a wide range of industry recognition, and national awards.


Corporate social responsibility is an integral element of E*HealthLine's culture as we continually engage in initiatives that enrich and strengthen our communities both domestically and internationally.