Health Information Exchange

E*HealthLine provides clinical management solutions connecting laboratories, physicians, hospitals and pharmacies through a seamless network of healthcare information technology. Combining a seamless network of routine administrative healthcare information exchange with consolidated electronic lab ordering and ePrescribing, E*HealthLine offers healthcare providers the ability to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Effective clinical decision-making requires access to timely and complete information regarding the patient. This course of action necessitates the exchange of data and collaboration between members within a patient’s care team.

The HIE infrastructure and applications provide the necessary criteria to meet “Meaningful Use” requirements.

Develops Connected Communities

To improve the delivery of patient care, clinicians require a secure technology platform that eliminates communication barriers between organizations and provides integrated access to patient data.    E*HealthLine’s HIE is designed to enhance existing healthcare services through a widespread of regional collaboration and the exchange of clinical data between healthcare organizations, based upon IHE and HL7 standards:

  • Clinicians can instantly access real-time, complete and accurate patient information from any location where the care was provided.
  • Patients receive meaningful benefits from a more rapid and accurate service consisting of the highest quality of care.
  • E*HealthLine’s HIE leverages an innovative integration of  technology and operability allowing for seamless interaction between multiple systems, as well as consistent data outputs aimed at enhancing future regional reporting and management.