Hospital Portal

The data portal enables the ability to build upon existing clinical workflows, which is essential when connecting care environments.

E*HealthLine offers many transparent benefits:

  • Ability to expedite implementation
  • Non-invasive integration to the care giving process
  • No additional requirements to re-engineer clinical workflows
  • Reduced training requirements, increasing overall acceptance and adoption

The system provides the ability to carry forward aspects of specific workflows that are functioning and allows for new, streamlined workflows to evolve concurrently and integrate when required.  E*HealthLine provides a web-based portal that supports wireless devices and creates an environment whereby the ease of collaboration within the organization becomes a tool to successful future outcomes. The health information exchange (HIE) helps ensure ARRA incentives, increase physician affinity, or enhance patient care by sharing up-to-date patient records.   E*HealthLine’s Health Information Exchange is a solid infrastructure of innovative connectivity.

Through the E*HealthLine Health Information Exchange clinical integration with community physicians simplifies:

  • Referrals
  • Admissions processing with access to ambulatory practice data
  • Discharge summaries and discrete data such as discharge medications
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Distribution of vital clinical reports to all community participants

Physician’s Utilization of Hospital’s Ancillary Services.

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