Info© Information Server For Data Integration  


E*HealthLine’s data integration solutions provide a full set of highly scalable capabilities, transforming data in any style and delivering it to any system.

Info© Information Server for Data Integration transforms data in any style and delivers captured information to any system, ensuring a rapid flow of data transformation capabilities and efficiency.

E*HealthLine is seen as the common thread connecting all healthcare industry stakeholders as they seek to employ a seamless environment of Integrated Delivery Systems. Healthcare organizations require an integrated solution that can untangle existing application complexities and provide a scalable infrastructure that supports rapid and efficient inter-connection of legacy applications and business rule changes.

Overhauling all existing systems within a hospital is a daunting prospect. E*HealthLine Info© offers organizations the ability to continue with existing HIS or EHR solutions and integrate from these disparate systems.

Benefits Include:

  • E*HealthLine Info© effectively extends the life of existing legacy systems
  • Large capital expenditure is reduced
  • Training requirement for employees in order to become proficient on new systems is diminished

E*HealthLine provides a common language allowing healthcare organizations to begin sharing electronically, what is now isolated and transmitted on paper to hospitals, clinics, labs, clinicians and insurance groups, globally, while untangling their existing applications.  The E*HealthLine Systems ™ offer powerful data transformation capabilities and efficiently manages the broad array of interfaces between various legacy systems and data sources.

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