Messaging© Integrated Electronic Data Exchange


E*HealthLine’s Messaging© standard allows the exchange of clinical data between systems. Messaging© is designed to support a central patient care system as well as being more distributed within a secure integrated environment where data resides in departmental systems.

E*HealthLine's extensive range of predefined messaging specifications and EDI tools offer:

  • An extensive definition library for HL7, HIPAA, EDIFACT, NCPDP, and X.12 messages
  • The ability to add predefined EDI, or custom messaging interfaces to applications
  • Flexibility in selecting between Pure Java, COM Objects, C++ libraries and .NET libraries to implement the interface
  • Support in managing  UNICODE messages
  • Ability to parse multi-byte characters in various  languages
  • Exceptionally high-speed and efficient parser
  • Reduced documentation errors, ensuring message definitions match generated specifications

E*HealthLine Messaging & Mapping Tools

  • Supports HL7 Profile and HL7's XML schema for 2.x messages.
  • Creates XML schemas from the EDI definition.
  • Supports a wide variety of message specifications - HL7, X.12, XML, EDIFACT, HCFA, UB92, ASTM, NCPDP, HIPAA and user defined formats
  • Supports development languages: C++, Java, VB, DELPHI, POWERBUILDER, .NET capable languages, etc
  • Supports various operating systems: WINDOWS NT-based systems, UNIX / LINUX
  • Supports multiple platforms:  The COM Engine runs on Windows 98 and above versions,  while the Java engine runs on all platforms supporting JDK 1.3  - Incorporated into applications using the COM object, Java C++ libraries or Java Classes

Provides Scalable and Extendable Solutions

Through the implementation of a diverse range of innovative optional additions to core solutions, E*HealthLine’s healthcare applications meet a range of new requirements to further assist in streamlining clinical workflows and scalable resolutions.

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