Physician Portal

E*HealthLine Health Information Exchange,  allows clinicians meaningful benefits from electronically sharing patient information with hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and other physician practices, while remaining independent and in control of the practice's patient data.

The single connection to the HIE hub provides access to a wealth of information, offering bi-directional workflow and full participation within the healthcare community.

E*HealthLine Health Information Exchange enables the connectivity to medical groups who may plan to share demographics, problem solving/decision making and data within the healthcare community.

Electronic Discharge Summaries (EDS) allows the clinical staff to automatically create a legible, accurate discharge summary letter, ready to be printed and given to patients as they depart the hospital. This letter can be simultaneously transmitted to clinical databases and primary care providers.

An EDS solution offers a low cost, low risk entry point for hospitals developing clinical information systems to improve the flow of patient information between primary & secondary care providers.

E*HealthLine Health’s solution offers low risk implementation with immediate benefits including:

  • Standardized clinical documentation 
  • Improved legibility of the medical records
  • Streamlined clinical workflows
  • Paperless environments   
  • Improved electronic communications with affiliated healthcare providers
  • Enhanced  medical record security

A Unified Understanding Of A Patient’s Data

Problem List

A clear understanding of patient’s medical history is essential for clinicians in preparing to become an effective participant in addressing a colleagues referral.  The “Problem List” must be accurate, complete and timely and contain a centralized, authoritative list of patient problems that is accessed electronically from the patient’s Personal Health Record.  The Problem List unifies data into one simple view.

Problem List provides the ability to access various information, whether an inpatient HIS, a specialist’s EMR, a patients PHR or a Physician’s notes in a patients chart.  Vital information is collected from external systems using industry standard message formats and updated using the Problem List user interface. Problem List uses standardized vocabulary to ensure the highest level of structured data possible. The following is a list of industry standards in which the Problem List is in compliance with functionality and interoperability requirements:

  • Follows the Problem List requirements set forth by CCHIT
  • Interoperability using industry standards: HL7, CCR, CCD
  • Utilizes standard coding terminology: ICD-9, ICD-10, SNOMED-CT

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