Digital Connected Health  


Through the E*HealthLine ecosystem and mobile platform of applications, devices and digital innovation, E*HealthLine endeavors to enable a new era of connected health where: 


1.       Individuals  have easy access to their health and clinical information and are empowered to take control of their own health anytime, anywhere

2.       Individuals can easily interact with care providers and each interaction is part of a seamless continuum of care.

3.       Care teams can collaborate about their patients’ specific condition

4.       Care providers can be automatically alerted to abnormal results that may indicate action is required – before their patients’ conditions become severe

5.       Care providers have immediate access to patient  information  in real time to support quick, and effective clinical decision making

6.        Health providers have evidence-based insights to guide their organization with crucial financial decisions.


Patient - Provider Centric Health System

Unlike fitness trackers and consumer wearables, we are focused on integrating  medical-grade connected wearable devices that are specifically developed for clinical applications towards the goal of improving both the patient experience and clinical outcomes. Prospective of connected wearable devices to include:


·         Provide greater visibility of patient status to assist in care coordination

·         Help reduce costly adverse events that lead to unplanned ICU transfers and readmissions

·         Drive workflow efficiencies

·         Provide freedom of mobility, comfort and convenience for patients,  caregivers and family members

·         Enable patients to better comply with their discharge care plans


With E*HealthLine’s clinical decision software and predictive algorithms, patient data can be compiled over time and tracked against their historical data, as well as compared against data from a larger patient set.



Our most innovative ideas are inspired by co-creating solutions with partners in healthcare management, clinical care delivery, and IT and technology. By learning first hand about the challenges they are facing to deliver high quality, value-based care, we are motivated to find solutions that make a real difference to their organization and the patients they care for.

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