The Clinical Radiology Information Management System automates departmental operations, including patient registration, order entry, exam tracking, film tracking, transcription, electronic signatures, and report distribution.

E*HealthLine provides a total solution to create, access, and manage diagnostic data and patient information from within a single seamless workflow. At every point of entry, E*HealthLine facilitates efficient and timely communication between radiologists, technicians, and ordering clinicians, while streamlining workflows and maximizing resource utilization.

System Attributes:

  • Streamline scheduling to alleviate problems associated with managing the resources needed for complex multi-modality procedures
  • Provides direct access to a patient's complete record enabling the radiologists to make informed decisions based on the patient's full medical history
  • Harnesses the power of seamless PACS integration to link images and reports in a single system that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple physicians from multiple locations
  • Delivers powerful documentation tools or integrated speech recognition capabilities to the radiologists, enabling the ability to record impressions directly into the patient’s chart
  • Reduces turn around time for radiology reports by providing direct, real-time results to the clinicians across the enterprise
  • Increases revenue by reducing billing errors, eliminating lost charges, and maximizing resource utilization.

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