PHM© Integrated Population Health Management

To manage population health effectively, an organization must be able to track and monitor the health of individual patients.  With E*HealthLine PHM© Solutions, provider organization will be able to provide proactive preventive and chronic care to all of a provider’s patients, both during and between encounters with the healthcare system. In addition, providers will be able to maintain regular contact with patients and support their efforts to manage their own health. At the same time, care managers can manage high-risk patients to prevent them from becoming unhealthier and developing complications. The use of evidence-based protocols to diagnose and treat patients in a consistent, cost-effective manner is also part of the provider-based PHM approach.

PHM© The Core Modules Includes:

  • Generate alerts for preventive and chronic care
  • Target patients in greatest need of services by narrowing subpopulations;
  • Make data on patients actionable by generating alerts to patients to seek appointments with their providers;
  • Make data actionable by generating alerts to providers about patient care needs
  • Evidence-based clinical protocols based on national standards

PHM© key functions:

  • Population identification
  • Identification of care gaps
  • Stratification
  • Patient engagement
  • Care management
  • Outcomes measurement

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