Healthline ISIS © Integrated Hospital Information System

The Integrated Hospital Information System's comprehensive application provides hospitals with the depth and breadth of an array of integrated functionalities to include: Administration Discharge Transfer (ADT), Bed Management, Scheduling, Patient Care, Laboratory Information System (LIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Material Management, Inventory Control and Patient Billing.

Healthline Phoenix © Integrated Practice Management System

The Integrated Practice Management System provides a suite of best-practice applications designed to assist physician enterprises in leveraging key business competencies, coordinating patient care, identifying and adopting best practices, while accepting and managing risk, by providing cost-effective clinical, financial, operational, and corporate management.

Healthline Phoenix © Integrated Electronic Health Records

Supports the complete real-time documentation, while managing the patient's flow throughout the enterprise. The system's comprehensive applications provide clinicians with the necessary tools needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management. Documentation is supported through system-delivered templates as well as the ability for providers to customize their own templates toward practice/personal preferences.


Integrated Prescription Management Information System solutions provide physician point-of-care access by transmitting a prescription electronically to a patient's pharmacy of choice and to clinical decision support including interactions with existing drugs, duplicate medications, drug allergies and inconsistencies in dosage. Since each prescription is electronically captured and is legible, it decreases prescription errors caused by hard-to-read handwriting and automates the process of checking for drug interactions and allergies which leads to improve patient safety and increase efficiency and checking formulary status to ensure that the selected drug is covered by the patient's health plan. Fewer phone calls made from pharmacies to physician for prescription clarification.

HealthlineEternity© Integrated Managed Care System

An integrated Health Plan and Managed Care System providing a total solution to create access and manage administrative data within a single, seamless workflow. At every point of entry, Eternity© facilitates efficient and timely communication between providers and health plans, while streamlining workflows and maximizing resource utilization. Eternity© utilizes electronic data interchange (EDI) technology to instantly check and update eligibility, claim adjudicates referrals.

HealthlineVITAL© Integrated SMART Personal Health Records

Electronic Medical Records provides lifelong clinical information to care providers whenever and wherever this information is needed. The EHL-EMR obtains this information from all points throughout the enterprise (hospitals, physician offices, and clinics) and displays it in integrated views at the point of care. With E*HealthLine's integrated, web-based technology, the EMR is updated in "real time".


Integrated Drug Safety Information for Patients and Providers provides drug safety information to improve transparency and communications in accordance with Section 915 of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA). MedInfo© provides consumer friendly messaging at the Point-of-Prescribing in the physician's office, and is integrated within E*HealthLine's Phoenix© EMR and E*Prescribe, (Electronic Prescribing System). The MedInfo© Integrated Drug Safety Information and MedInfo© Patient Messaging Systems include sponsored text messaging content for new Rx and refill Rx reminders. This technology is offered in the form of a secured text to link message where content can be rendered to a patient's phone.


E*HealthLine's comprehensive Health Information Exchange (HIE) highly customized, proprietary technology platforms that are difficult to integrate into homogeneous environments. Standards-based HIEs are being developed to share clinical and administrative information between various technology mediums. The proposed National Health Information Network (NHIN) will promote the coordinated use of established standards from organizations such as Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and Health Level Seven (HL7) for clinical and administrative data. Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), driven by local and state level initiatives, are important drivers of a nationally recognized exchange.

HealthlinePhoenix© Integrated

Occupational Health Electronic Medical Record (OH-EMR) facilitates provider, patient, employer, and third party communication through designated portal services which enable each group to access and modify select, relevant information in the health record. Patients, employers and other designated groups can access work related health problems, workers compensation forms, job requirements and return to work restrictions directly when needed. Information can be transmitted via scanned documents into the EMR and faxed, emailed or printed based on third party preference. Users can only access information which the provider designates as appropriate, ensuring patient confidentiality of non work related health information. Designated users can now perform online transactions (replacing phone- or paper-base transactions) to schedule visits, review health information or workers compensation forms, and report work-related injuries and illnesses. Occupational information can be synchronized to the employee's portal page, and incorporated within a personal health record (PHR).


E*HealthLine's comprehensive Health Information Exchange technology provides Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). E*HealthLine's Health Information Exchange and Data Repository allow real time Data Sharing 1. Administrative Data Repository 2. Clinical Data Repository (CDR), a. Clinical decision support system (CDSS), b. Controlled medical vocabulary (CMV), c. Computerized provider order entry (CPOE), 3. Comprehensive Financial Data Repository

HealthlineERevenue© Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Offers a revolutionary advancement within the healthcare and insurance industries. This innovative process encompasses everything from checking eligibility and collecting copays to charge coding, bill preparation, data entry, claims submission, payment posting, and managing accounts receivable


E*HealthLine's web-based solutions provide comprehensive integration for all claims processing services including full mailroom services, data entry and storage and retrieval. This innovative technology significantly increases the number of documents that can be processed that require auto adjudication. This solution has essentially created a paperless (image only) environment for the client. This seamless environment has grown to encompass the entire claims processing cycle; enabling quality performance for E*HealthLine's clientele's many geographically dispersed offices.

HealthlinePreventive© Preventive Care System

E*HealthLine's Preventive Care System's integrated technology captures vital healthcare information at every point of encounter. The system's key feature flags periodic health examinations targeted at preventing, detecting, and controlling specific conditions or risk factors for different age, sex and high-risk groups. The ongoing process becomes an effective tool in providing the monitoring of a patient beyond a routine annual physical examination.

HealthlineOTIMS© Integrated Operating Theatre System

The Integrated Operating System provides hospitals with preoperative, intra operative and postoperative information management that captures clinical, administrative, and financial data on every patient event from scheduling to the entire surgical procedure.

HealthlineEDIMS© Integrated Emergency System

The Integrated Emergency Management System is the Most Comprehensive Emergency Department Information network, providing Streamlining Patient Registration, Triage, Tracking, Nursing and Physician Charting and Ordering.

HealthlineHope© Integrated Disaster Information System

Global Disaster Information Management System, is the most successful example of inter and intra - governmental data sharing. Shared standard data and procedures form the mechanism by which Hope© collects and disseminates vital information "real time". Hope© is an interactive internet based Disaster Information Management System accessible through the World Wide Web. Hope© provides a worldwide infrastructure which facilitates effective and sustainable information of Disaster or Terrorism Preparedness and Response Programming across organizational boundaries for all stakeholders, which is fully integrated within a security and emergency plan.

HealthlineSPHINX© Integrated Financial Management System

The Integrated Financial System offers the latest release of E*HealthLine's end-to-end financial solution, built to meet the demands of managing the overall cost of healthcare organizations, "real-time".

Healthline E*enrollment© Integrated Enrollment System

The Integrated Enrollment System enables healthcare organizations to successfully integrate essential information pertaining to members, providers, health plans and employer groups, throughout the entire life cycle. E*enrollment© offers comprehensive health insurance functionalities that enables Health Plans, Subscribers, Employers and Providers to access one common set of information including policy, eligibility, benefits, authorizations, billing and claims status, as well as track all interactions across the system.