Care Management System

The E*HealthLine System is backed up by a high-end data warehouse, which generates comprehensive real-time reports, while monitoring a wide array of clinical and financial outcomes. This includes patient re-hospitalizations, side effects, remission rates, patient and physician satisfaction and valuable measurable outcomes for assessing the performance of a provider’s facilities, while facilitating the prediction of future operational costs.

The Core Modules Includes:

  1. pre-certification
  2. inpatient and outpatient services
  3. concurrent review
  4. discharge planning
  5. case management
  6. disease management
  7. mental health and substance abuse review,
  8. high risk maternity
  9. transplant case management
  10. demand management( 24-hour nurse line)
  11. professional clinical opinion
  12. provider negotiations
  13. medical claim review

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