EClaims© Intelligent Solutions Paper Claims to Electronic Claims

E*HealthLine’s Claims Processing Center services include full mailroom services, comprehensive data entry, storage and retrieval. This intense procedure significantly increases the ability to process additional documents requiring auto adjudication. E*HealthLine’s integrated solutions have essentially created a “paperless environment”, facilitating a solid platform for the overall processing cycle of day-to-day management.

The E*HealthLine enterprise has grown to encompass the entire claims processing cycle.

Paper Claims to EDI Services Features:

  1. Conversion of CMS-1500, HCFA-1500, UB-04, UB-92, along with a variety of paper claims to HIPAA compliant ANSI 837-4010 EDI formats. Turn around time is 24 hours.
    1. Fax or scanning of paper claims along with attachments to E*HealthLine’s System, or a Secure FTP Server.
    2. Within a 24 hour period, EHL’s process provides an EDI 837-4010 output and/or load into the clients Claims Adjudication System; such as Eternity©, FACETS, IDX, EZ-CAP, DIAMOND, etc.
  2. Stores indexed images of paper claims and attachments within E*HealthLine’s Web based Workflow Management System.

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