Health and Wellness Management System

The E*HealthLine Health and Wellness Management System provides a solid platform to assist in reducing and/or in some cases, eliminating the devastating burden of disease among the deprived and underprivileged. Key components include the following:

  1. E*HealthLine is committed to reducing overall disease and suffering resulting from communicable disorders.
  2. Patient Education - E*HealthLine provides easy access to patient education and delivers meaningful healthcare information pertaining to adults and adolescent’s healthcare distress.
  3. E*HealthLine is working toward combating the global epidemics of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
  4. E*HealthLine has created an awareness program of non-communicable disease management with particular attention relating to cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  5. E*HealthLine tracks ongoing immunization requirements for the management of a cost-effective health intervention initiative.

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