Billing Processing Center


  • Submission to payors is within 48 hours.
  • Clean billing information.
  • Detailed and/or summary bills are available for each patient. 
  • Summary bills can be printed, verified, edited, and reprinted when necessary.
  • Payment entry includes electronic payment reconciliation capabilities.
  • Expedites the submission and processing of insurance claims.
  • CMS-1500, HCFA-1500, UB-04, UB-92 Forms can be assembled and edited prior to electronic or printed submission.
  • Charge code file enables the exceptions by insurance code for price and coverage.  Alternative pricing established for each insurance code.
  • Interim billing is supported for patient bills, CMS-1500, HCFA-1500, UB-04, UB-92.
  • Charge code labels can be printed to assist in inventory control.
  • ICT, ICD9, ICD-9 CM, ICD 10, Loinc. NDC, etc.
  • Available reports include:
    • Aging reports
    • Outstanding charges
    • Billing Journal

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