Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Project Financing


Financing Solutions and Services

E*HealthLine’s  Project Financing provides credit-qualified clients with an integrated financing solution that matches the scope of business transactions duration the implementation and ongoing maintenance and management of  system applications and services.  A customized application includes an extensive assessment of a client’s infrastructure and is tailored to meet short and long-term requirements.  E*HealthLine’s Project Financing structures the simplicity of the overall implementation of integrated healthcare information management systems, infrastructure investments, hardware/equipment purchasing and consulting services.

Project Financing Benefits and Solutions
  • Aligns project costs with anticipated benefits, minimizes up-front capital expenditures with meaningful financing options
  • Affordable finance solutions,  repaid over a period of time, by means of fixed and predictable payments
  • Flexible payment terms tailored to meet specific project specifications and budget restraints.
Qualifying Information

E*HealthLine’s Global Financing provides qualified business partners/clientele with working capital to finance day-to-day operations and/or growth.

E*HealthLine’s Project Financing availability is subject to domestic and international financial regulations. Please consult an E*HealthLine Global Financing Representative for more information.

Working Capital

Inventory Financing

Inventory financing solutions enable manufacturers and distributors to increase the volume and management of products distributed to their reseller chains and as a direct result, meaningful revenue streams evolve increasing distribution channels across the board.

Receivables Financing

Accounts receivables financing enables the borrowing of funds against future receivables including loans and lines of credit secured by inventory.    Qualified business partners and clientele may obtain working capital in support of ongoing growth

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