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E*HealthLine Ecosystem Multi-Platforms

E*HealthLine’s ecosystem multi-platform is an attribute incorporated within the company’s  integrated infrastructure providing unique methodologies and concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple cloud computing platforms.   

Ecosystem Cloud Computing

Ecosystem is a set of applications functioning as a unit through cloud computing and interacts with integrated software and services.  The connectivity of software applications are incorporated within a common technological platform and operates through the exchange of information, resources and artifacts, E*HealthLine’s solutions are offered in various applications, to include “Software as a Service (SaaS).   SaaS is a delivery method that provides immediate access to EMR data remotely.   SaaS pricing is based on a monthly fee, and with the EMR applications hosted remotely, users avoid additional capital investment or the costs associated with installation and management.

Data Security.  E*HealthLine’s ecosystem and cloud computing  applications provide our clientele with  access to vital data  under a secure environment  The  company’s ecosystem cloud computing architecture offers  reliable  information management with encryption technology that ensures “  risk management” for the  Patient and  Provider at every point of entry.    All assessed “encounter data” comply with nationally accepted standards and practices for health data security (e.g., HIPAA security regulations and National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Ecosystem’s unified platform offers an integrated network for healthcare professionals, which seamlessly monitors patients' records at every point of care and related, services. anytime and anywhere.

E*HealthLine’s integrated suite of  applications are deployed across acute and ambulatory environments, enabling information sharing which assist in maximizing clinical performance, reduction of costs and improvement of measurable healthcare outcomes.  The ecosystem’s integrated applications cover the breadth of patient care and related healthcare requirements to include:

  1. ISIS ©-  Hospital Information System
  2. Vital© - Integrated “SMART CARDS” containing Personal Health Records (PHR)
  3. E*Prescribe©- Integrated Prescription Writer with Electronic Medical Records
  4. Phoenix© -  Practice Management System
  5. Eternity© - Integrated Health Plan System
  6. EClaims -E*HealthLine©  - Intelligent Solutions   (EDI)
  7. EScan©   -  Intelligent Solution To Claims Processing    
  8. Hope© -  Disaster Information Management System
  9. E*enrollment © - Enrollment System
  10. Preventive©- Preventive Care System
  11. EDE*HEALTHLINE©  -Emergency Department Information Management System
  12. SPHINX© - Financial Management System
  13. OTE*HEALTHLINE© - Operating Theatre System
  14. Care Management System
  15. Case Management System
  16. Home Health System
  17. Disease Management System
  18. Health and Wellness Management System
  19. Imaging (PACS) System