Real© Machine Learning Intelligence

E*HealthLine’s Machine Learning platform consists of several components that collect, process and enrich information from multiple internal and external sources. The platform provides structure to analyze information to find patterns and relationships and it seeks out and incorporates missing information to create the metadata hub that provides the basis for understanding and recommendations.

E*HealthLine’s Machine Learning also incorporates other data analysis disciplines, ranging from predictive analytics and data mining to pattern recognition and a variety of specific algorithms are used for this purpose, frequently organized in taxonomies.

E*HealthLine’s natural language processing, image processing, text mining and machine learning work together to augment human intelligence.

E*HealthLine incorporates alert triage, search and discovery, analysis and exploration and the ability to document findings to streamline operations and enable analysts to make decisions quickly.

E*HealthLine’s Data Mining and Machine Learning is built on the company's solid expertise of delivering scalable and adaptable analytics that solve real problems and yield measurable value-based care.

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