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Competency-based blended learning programs delivered through an innovative learning platform.

Life-Long Learning- Continuing Education And Training Programs

As the healthcare IT infrastructure continues to evolve globally, demand for an educated workforce is of the essence. The utilization of up-to-date and state- of- the art technology within the workforce while educating employees on latest trends is essential.  An educated workforce provides a positive impact for the employee, the employer and the overall community with an outreach for measurable economic development.

Addressing an Aging Population

For the foreseeable future, the "Graying of America" has ushered the baby boomers, who in the past would have prepared for their retirement years, to now seek new careers for employment

Given the aging population of today, virtually all aspects of the traditional roles within the workforce are potentially in question with a networked global society demanding  a profusion of requirements for the adaptation of knowledgeable employees to compete within the global marketplace.

The Role of Technology in a Changing Workforce

Technology is changing our expectations in meeting the demands in addressing the requirements to expedite up-to-date information and is an evolving process in today’s business climate.  The continuous evolution of innovative technology is forcing companies to employ a knowledgeable network of employees as they seek to compete in the global marketplace.  It is imperative for employees to commit to life-long learning and for the employer to incorporate ongoing technology training within the workplace.

“Knowledge Is Power” and the redistribution of information and access to continuing education within the ever-changing workforce will inevitably generate innovative development strategies while simultaneously supporting multiple economic growths, increased employment and an enhanced quality of services within healthcare communities.   

(EIOIT) Continuing Education / Training Programs:

HealthCare Information Technology

E*HealthLine Product Training


E*HealthLine facilitates the extension of  Co-operative Education and Training Internship Programs offered in collaboration with academic institutions. The Co-operative Internship Program is the primary vehicle through which we transition the trainee into the day-to-day work environment.  The Co-op program is an excellent method for an individual to have hands-on experience while positioning their energy, enthusiasm and skills within an Information Technology (IT) and work related Electronic Medical Records environment. While interning, the trainees are exposed to a vast array of roles and responsibilities, which prepares them for diverse tasks and sets the precedent required in facing the ever-challenging requirements within the healthcare industry of today.

E*HealthLine takes great pride in our mission to strive for continued measurable achievements by establishing qualitative and quantitative metrics for the internship program.

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