Business Outsourcing Reengineering


Next Generation BPO

Healthcare reform has created an ongoing environment of complexity. Healthcare payers and providers require a business model capable of supporting operational and clinical quality, reimbursement and stakeholder management.

E*HealthLine offers a comprehensive set of applications and service solutions to manage critical front end and back office processes for healthcare payers. E*HealthLine offerings include:

  1. Case and Policy Administration
    1. Member enrollment
    2. Profile management
  2. Claims Management
    1. Claims collection
    2. Claims adjudication
    3. Claims settlement and correspondence and reporting
  3. Benefits Administration and Billing
    1. Billings and collections
  4. Provider Relations
  5. Contract Management And Credentialing

Enterprise-wide leveraging of BPO services enables an immediate response to ongoing changes within a healthcare plan administration. The execution of process modeling provides organizational control of costs focusing on growth, while improving operational efficiencies and optimizing existing resources. E*HealthLine’s innovative applications address the ongoing demand for affordable healthcare plan options and the management of compliance during an increasingly ever challenging change in policies and regulations.

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