ImmRegistry© Integrated Immunization Registry and Information System


ImmRegistry© Immunization Information Exchange providers receive and transmit immunization records data or Vaccine Administration Records (VARs) electronically via electronic medical record (EMR). E*HealthLine’s Immunization Registry and Information System plays an important role in creating a comprehensive immunization record, and consolidates vaccinations administered by a provider into an integrated electronic medical record.  Real-time data exchange of information provides clinicians with essential decision-support and documents the patient’s ongoing immunization history.


Registry Key Features

  • VFC Vaccine Inventory Requirement
  • Order VFC Vaccines and Influenza
  • Receive ordering recommendations and track  VFC vaccine orders
  • Report and return spoiled or expired VFC vaccines
  • Produce up-to-date reports and influenza coverage reports
  • Print lists, letters and labels to recall or send reminders to patients with due shots

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